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June 2023 - WWLM News & Updates!

June Newsletter Header

Lima, Peru ~ From December to April, Peru has been rocked by protests, and roadblocks almost daily, a crisis that began after Congress impeached their president for attempting to illegally impose a one-man rule, placing a new president in position to bring change.

Thank God the country is doing a little better, riots have ceased, and this president seems to be trying to do better. The church is doing well in general, by God's grace we are continuing to work in Lima.

We have started a new study 'How People Change - How Christ Changes Us By His Grace.' Our meetings are in-person, every second Friday of each month.

In Jicamarca, we are excited because we have just begun having weekly meetings with the young people apart from only Saturdays. We are taking more time teaching the Word, praying and strengthening what we do on the weekends.

In all that we are doing, the Lord is waking up hearts and there is a desire to know Him. We are sure we will see His answer and power manifested in this time.

We wish to thank you for your prayers and support. We can see God's love and care through you and I pray that you may be rewarded greatly. ~ Pastor Gustavo Rodriguez


Lusaka, Zambia ~ We are happy to share that the ministry is doing well; they are seeing growth and God's blessings in the churches! They are preparing a powerful set of services this August - one regional conference in Siavonga, and one in Lusaka. We ask that you keep these conferences in your prayers for God's Word and His Spirit to strengthen, fill and empower His people to effectively work the fields of souls in this day!

Bishop Sichilima shares, "Yes, the world is unsettled, but God is not troubled and so neither should we be! Rather than living with fear and worry, living with joy and boldness and bring light to those living in darkness.

Regardless of the situation, we should live as children of God, seeking His direction for our daily lives and trusting Him."

Just a little encouragement for YOU in this day - Let's keep living for Jesus and DOING for Jesus!"

~ Bishop Nicholas Sichilima


BLOC School, Misisi Compound ~ We are so excited to share that the Head Teacher / School Director, Madame Mushabati Kabika, has had her official graduation ceremony receiving her degree in Education Administration. Here are her words:

Greetings my esteemed sponsors in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I would like to express my genuine heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to you for sponsoring my education from 2018.

I have pursued my Bachelors of Education in Educational Administration & Management at the highest university in the country, without any financial worries. I would not have acquired the skills and knowledge that I have if not for your sponsorship. You have made my educational goal come true.

The knowledge and skills I have acquired from my education has, and will have, a profound impact on my career and the school as a whole. I am super excited to put them to use as I promise to work efficiently and diligently for the betterment of this great school.

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of your generosity. I may not be able to say or show this enough, but thank you, thank you, thank you so much! God Bless you all! ~Madame Kabika


Student Feature, BLOC School ~ Meet Cleopatra, a Grade 7 student. The school administration says she is a student who likes playing and her favorite subjects are English, Creative & Technology Studies, and Integrated Science.

She has been enrolled for 2 years now; and at the time of enrollment, her performance was not good. Through the dedication of her teachers, we are proud to say that she is now one of the best students in her class!

Cleopatra shares in her own words:

My name is Cleopatra Mbewe - a Grade 7 pupil at Blessing Lighthouse Community School. I want to say thank you for the uniform & shoes; I look beautiful every morning. I know you are bringing more good things for me and my friends. I also want to say thank you for the good food. We enjoy the new food; it has helped me to do better in class!

Thank you for your help in my life. I am happy. Bye! ~ Cleopatra She puts 3 hearts & ends with this phrase "I am not just a girl child - I am God's child!"


Grand Goave, Haiti ~ We have wonderful news - the Spring Barrel Shipment has finally reached Haiti!!! We ask for your continued prayers for the nation of Haiti - the civil unrest still continues, and the island nation has suffered 2 natural disasters back-to-back - a flood and then, an earthquake. All of these things continue to make the humanitarian condition increasingly more fragile; further solidifying the need for food and aid that we have committed to sending to MOHI.

With all of that said, we have begun our collection for the most needed items for our summer shipment! We'll be packing these 12 barrels with the FGIC's VBS youth again this year!

The full list of needed items is located here - the urgently needed items are: peanut butter (9 months expiration date), bagged rice, bagged beans, and canned meats (1 year expiration date); along with children's clothing.

From now until Sunday, July 9th, we have collection locations at FGI Church (foyer barrel) and WWLM Donation Center (weekday appointments).

Thank you for your support - You are bringing hope to so many!!


Mid-Year Update on our Can & Bottle Fundraiser - We have currently raised $3,550.96 - which averages out to just under $600/month! Keep them coming!!!


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