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Standard Volunteering:

(No Experience Necessary)

  • Donation Sorting & Inventorying

  • Cans & Bottles - Pick-ups, Sorting & Delivery

Skill-Based Volunteering:

(Experience Necessary)

  • Reception / Data Entry

  • Media / Marketing / Video / Web


Community service is volunteering that is required by school or court order. Standard volunteering options above are the only areas available for community service. Please use this form for approval.

Youth Volunteer Information

FGIC Youth (meaning they attend FGIChurch regularly) - age 12 & up / General Public - age 15 & up

Youth ages 14 and under, must be accompanied by an adult.


WWLM is a Ministry of FGIChurch, youth who attend services & activities regularly, aged 12 & up are welcomed to volunteer unaccompanied

From Our Volunteers:

“I love being a helping hand, and knowing that my help is benefiting someone in need just makes my heart explode with joy"
"I've been a regular volunteer since they first started many years ago.  The reason why I volunteer is I love to help people who are less fortunate than I am. …Now that I am retired, I have great joy in doing what I do here at WWLM"
“I love to volunteer my time in helping touch and change lives in our community and around the world. It's great to physically put my hands to the work...”
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