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WWLM seeks to provide some of life's basic necessities to those who are struggling and have no other means of assistance.

Through partnerships with local human services agencies, churches & schools, we are a resource providing some of life's basic necessities.


Eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial inability to acquire requested items

  • Inability to receive state assistance for requested items

  • Head of household employed, actively seeking employment, or proof of valid inability to work

  • At least one professional reference for verification of the above (211 is NOT a referral source)

  • Preferential eligibility provided to those being assisted by WWLM Partner Agencies

Request Forms

If you meet the requirements listed above and are in need of assistance, select the button below that best corresponds with your need:

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Have Goods to Donate?

A large percentage of items we provide to those in need are donated, cleaned, and processed at our Donation Center. 
Click here to review our gift-in-kind donations policy before donating!

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