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(To Educate All Children in Hope)

BLOCS - Zambia

Education is a key to a brighter future, but it is not always within reach for many in third-world countries. This is true for the children living within Misisi Compound, the poorest slum in Zambia.  Blessings Lighthouse Open Community School is endeavoring to make a difference through education - and you can be a part of changing the future for many. 

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Local USA

Through partnerships with local schools and community resource programs, the TEACH program has provided support for students, teachers, classrooms, and schools.  This support is mainly comprised of educational supplies, but also includes necessities families may need such as clothing, shoes, household items, and more.

Ensuring that the home environment for students feels more balanced, is another way to surround our local students with support for their success in life!


WWLM has formed a partnership with Mission of Hope International (MOHI) sponsoring students who otherwise would have no access to a formal education.  The advancements MOHI is making within their schools has caused their graduation rates to stand at 100%. 


The successes being achieved post-graduation are proving that the foundation received in these schools is changing the future for hundreds of young people, preparing the next generation to change the cycle of poverty within their communities, as well as making meaningful change within their country.

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Academic education is free and relatively accessible for students within the nation of Peru, enabling the majority of school-aged children to achieve a proper foundational start in life.  WWLM’s partnership with the Mision Centro Cristiano Avivamiento (Christian Mission Revival Center) aims at supporting the faith-based education of children throughout the country. 

This is accomplished through youth sports programs, community family activities, and parent classes that provide guidance and parenting principles.  All of these come together to allow the children to be surrounded by a healthy support system.

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