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July 2023 - WWLM News & Updates!

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Haiti Partnership Header

Grand Goave, Haiti ~ We’re so grateful we received enough goods and finances to fill 18 barrels of clothes, shoes, medical & school supplies, rice, beans, canned meats & peanut butter!!

Kids Packing Haiti Barrels

AND once again, the FGIC VBS kids packed those barrels with precision and speed – completing all 18 barrels in just 3 days!!!

Words from Pastor Lex & Sis. Renee Edme: The Friday before we began to pack the Summer Barrels, Haiti sent us an email expressing such appreciation for our continued support by sharing this experience:

Haiti Students Gathering Outside

Pastor Lex just returned from a visit to Haiti. He felt so burdened by how hungry the people of Grand Goave are right now. Before he left, they were taking pictures of the students, and Lex felt burdened to send each student home with food for their families. Over 500 families received food!!

Pastor Lex with Smiling Student

(she continues… ) I had to write to thank our friends at WWLM & FGIC as the barrels we just received (which were shipped in March, and arrived in June) had LOTS of rice & beans in them, enabling us to give to each family!! We all thank you!!!

Smiling Student

A young student named Tanis said: “I was happy to get food at school today to bring home to my family, my mom will be happy too. I want to tell all the sponsors thank you for helping us with school”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued giving to our Haiti Barrel Humanitarian Relief program – You can continue to give to the cause, both in goods as well as finances – our next shipment goes out at the beginning of December 2023.

Summer Volunteers Header
Youth packing Haiti barrels

The VBS kids also had fun sorting cans & bottles! There were 2 sorting sessions – each youth volunteer worked for ½ hour (a total of 1 hour of work) and they were wonderful busy bees working together!

Youth volunteers sorting cans & bottles

The week before VBS we had our first Summer Youth Can & Bottle sorting team – who worked diligently for 3 hours sorting & bagging! And then...

Youth sorting cans & bottles 02

The week after VBS, we were able to deliver everything that the 2 groups sorted, and it totaled $184.80 - that equals 3,696 cans & bottles!!! GREAT WORK YOUNG PEOPLE!


There are still more summer youth volunteer days - every Tuesday, from 10 am-12 pm for the month of August. If your child is between ages 12 to 25, register today!

Summer Youth Opportunity
BLOC School Header
Zambia Teachers Sack Race

Blessings Lighthouse Open Community School, Misisi Compound, Zambia ~ We had a very successful sports day (i.e. field day) right at our school in June, where different activities were performed. It was such a day that our students will never forget as they showcased their talents and abilities.

Teacher Bowling in front of Students
Students playing outside

Spelling Bee

They hosted a Spelling Bee – where the competition was contagious! Each grade was paired to compete against another grade for completing reading & spelling quizzes.

Spelling Bee Winner

All grades performed excellently – with grades 1, 3, 5, & 7 coming out with the win! Awards were presented and such pride was felt amongst all!

Benjamin writing on whiteboard

The School Administration chose to feature the grade two teacher, Mr. Benjamin Mbewe this month, and they shared this:

He is an amazing teacher whose students are performing very tremendously.

Teacher Benjamin has ensured his students are performing very well in literacy and numeracy. He is very much skilled and we can testify by the test results of his students.

He has even extended his literacy and numeracy skills to other teachers. He has made it a routine that every lunchtime he creates time to meet up with his fellow lower primary teachers to teach them how best they can teach literacy and numeracy in their respective classes. We value and appreciate his dedication so much.

Benjamin shares his words:

Benjamin helping student

Hello everyone – I hope you are all doing fine. My name is Teacher Benjamin, fondly known as Mr. Mbewe. I am a Grade 2 Teacher. I am super excited today because I want to share my experience and the performance of my children in class.

When I took charge of this class in January, my task was simple: to help the children learn how to read and write; as well as, help them in numeracy. This is because most of the children have been facing challenges in reading as they progress to upper grades. As we know, reading is the backbone of learning – if a child cannot read, he/she cannot understand, hence they will fail.

I started working on literacy, both in English and Cinyanja. Learners were exposed to two-letter words, three-letter words, four-letter words, and gradually up to seven-letter words. Today, I can testify that my children are able to read a full storybook! They read questions on their own and are able to understand without the teacher’s explanation.

The majority of my students are progressing without difficulties, and for the few that need extra help, I am setting time aside for them. Just like Jesus left 99 sheep, and went to look for the one lost sheep – He was very excited when He found it. Equally, I will be very, very excited when these remaining pupils catch up to the level of their friends and I am confident it will be before the end of this year.

I’m so proud of my class for all their advancements. If there is a happy teacher at Blessing School, I am that teacher! I wish not to speak highly of myself over others, I am just excited about what I have achieved!

With thanks, Teacher Benjamin

Zambia Partnership Header

Lusaka, Zambia ~ The feeding outreaches in Zambia continue to be a huge blessing to the hungry. Bishop Nicholas shares these words:

Students eating lunch

Many great thanks to you, our brethren for your support. Sometimes you may think that you are just wasting your money helping people in Zambia, BUT I want you know that it is not wasting, but saving lives.

We are so excited to have you brethren us our partners. The church has become a blessing to the people of Misisi community and Siavonga through praying with us and the support. God has called us to work together regardless of the distance.

Siavonga - Women smiling with food

This reminds me of a scripture from the book of 2 Kings 4:1-7. From this chapter, there are a lot of things we can learn but I just want to talk about the power of partnership. The widow was in a situation that needed a hand of help from someone. When she told the prophet about her problem, the prophet told her to go and borrow vessels from everywhere and she went to borrow from neighbors and a miracle took place.

Lusaka Feeding - Smiling with food

I have come to understand that as Christians we need to work together regardless of the gender, color or race for name of the Lord to be glorified.

It took the word of the prophet, the neighbors, and the faith of a woman for a miracle to happen. Praise God!

We are unfortunately living in a generation of selfish people, where helping the needy is a business. But I always thank God for you, brothers and sisters, for helping my community without demanding anything from them. May God continue blessing you!

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