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July 2022 Newsletter - Peru Update, Haiti Projects, & Build A Backpack!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

July Newsletter Header


Peru Partnership

Lima, Peru ~ Greetings! We want to thank you for your prayers and support on behalf of the church here; we are not of this world, but we live here, and even though we face many challenges, we know that God has made us more than conquerors!

We want to report some of the things God has been doing here in Peru. First, we found a place that we can rent, not just for Sundays, but to have all the time for church services!!! For years, we had to meet Sunday afternoons because of our rental situation, but now, we can meet any time we need! We still need to make some changes to the place, but we thank God we have a place to worship!

God has been talking to our church about healing - a sister in our church, Sis. Rebeca, wanted to share her testimony. She has been to different doctors and all of them had told her that she needed surgery to remove a cyst that was growing. When she showed Pastor Roger the results of all the tests, he agreed that surgery was the necessary next step.

Well, that Sunday we prayed for the sick and Sis Rebeca put her hand where the cyst was, and another sister came to agree in prayer with her. Sis Rebeca said she didn't feel anything special happen, so on Monday she went to have another test done before surgery.

Rebecca Holding Doctors Report

The doctor couldn't find the cyst and didn't know what to say or how to explain it!!!! At the end of her visit, he said, "It's not there!" Pictured here is Sis Rebeca showing her proof that God healed her! God is faithful!!


Jicamarca, Peru ~ Our work continues in Jicamarca; every week we can impart life to the kids and help them in their problems.

Peru Children's Ministry - Group Discussions

For example, these young people come to us and say things like: "My mom lives in another place and now wants me to live with her. She abandoned me 15 years ago when I was a baby. I may not have much, but I don't want to leave my brothers and sisters..."

Peru Children's Ministry - Group Picture


"I need some advice because I have a friend that is in a depression, and she is cutting her arms..."

Peru Children's Ministry - Discussion

One asked:

"My parents fight all the time and sometimes my father hits my mom, what can I do?"

Peru Children's Ministry - Soccer Group Picture

Some of these kids live with their parents; others are orphans, or living with relatives, but we are there every week for them and they know that they can count on us. Sometimes, they come with a hard heart because of what they experience - they have questions, they have been hurt; but they continue coming every week. It's like an oasis in the midst of their circumstances.

Even though many members of our team travel on Saturdays by bus for 1.5 hours each way - we know every sacrifice is met with a blessing! Many parents come for advice and prayer. Two men on different occasions came to talk to Brother Israel - they said, "I am doing bad. I have a problem and I need help."

This is a testimony of God working in their hearts and knowing where to look for help. Our team shares the Gospel with them, and we always point

them to Jesus, our Mighty Solution!

Peru Children's Ministry - Reading Clipboard

Please, continue praying for us - the times we were not able to meet have affected some people, especially the young people. We have a lot of work to do in the church and outside the church. Thank you for everything! God Bless ~ Pastor Gustavo Rodriguez

Haiti Partnership

Grand Goave, Haiti ~ During FGI Church's Vacation Bible School, each crew had the opportunity to assist our WWLM team in packing 16 barrels of relief aid for Haiti! These young people packed each item with so much love and joy - we know it will certainly be received with the same on the other side!

Please enjoy this video of the wonderful time we had packing barrels of hope for Haiti!

These barrels are set and ready to be delivered on Saturday, August 13th. We are beyond blessed that Pastor Lex has asked if we would be able to send some of our experienced Container Volunteers along with the barrels to help pack the container at their storage facility in Massachusetts - and of course, we said YES!

Due to the quantity of goods we are sending from our facility, we are excited that some young men from our high school age youth group, Teen Velocity, will have the opportunity to help load up our trucks ahead of time.

We are grateful for this team of 'seasoned' container packers AND 'next-generation' young men to be a part of this endeavor!


Food Donations On Table


You can continue to be a part by dropping off donations of rice, beans (dried & canned), canned meats, cooking oil, and peanut/nut butters!


Contact us to schedule a drop-off appointment - 860-645-4198 |

If you desire to financially support this Haiti endeavor, click this link -


Build A Backpack Logo

We're rolling out our 3rd Annual Build A Backpack Campaign!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Visit for a complete list of needed supplies

2. Build Your Backpack (or 2 ;))

3. Drop off your completed backpack!

Drop-off Details: FGI Church Foyer Barrel (during church services) WWLM Donation Center (contact to schedule an appointment) Thank you for helping to alleviate the burden of those struggling to make ends meet!


If you're looking to be a blessing and support WWLM's programs, click on this giving link:


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