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March 2022 Newsletter - Haiti Barrel Packing and Peru & Zambia Updates!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

March Newsletter Header


Haiti Barrels Header

Grand Goave, Haiti ~ Haiti has long been a country suffering from food insecurity. The situation has been exacerbated by more than their share of natural disasters. Thanks to many generous donors the Lord has connected with MOHI, we have been so blessed to help alleviate much of the suffering in our communities by providing food, not only to our school students, but sometimes even for entire neighborhoods. We all have felt the sting of inflation. Gas prices are high. Groceries are costing 30-40% more than they did 2 years ago. Governments have been giving money to people to make it through the crisis. Imagine the same scenario in Haiti, where people were already not able to make ends meet. Children were already going to bed hungry. And no, the government is not providing any relief for the poorest of the poor. Now the tiny middle class, small business owners are suffering too. Today, food insecurity has taken on a new look for us at MOHI. It’s no longer a matter of having to pay too much for food; but now there are times when we simply cannot locate bulk food for our feeding programs. Those who have food are hoarding it, anticipating that things will get worse. Going out into the streets of Port-Au-Prince in search of food during a season on unprecedented insecurity is not desirable either. We have amazing long-term partners that have been helping to bring food into the country enabling us to continue feeding our students. In February, we received 18 barrels of food and supplies from our friends at World-Wide Lighthouse Missions in Manchester, CT; 4 barrels of food from a church in Massachusetts; and a partial busload from a mission in Ohio. We so appreciate all of these efforts. Thank you for praying for the country and people of Haiti.

~ Pastor Lex Edme


Peanut Butter & Beans

Because of our collective giving, WWLM purchased rice & beans, along with some peanut butter, to add to all the wonderful items donated for the Haiti Barrel Spring Shipment!

Haiti Barrels

We had a great evening & it certainly was a BUSY PLACE!!! We were able to pack 14 barrels, with a crew of 22 packers at the Blessing Center...

Volunteers Sorting Cans & Bottles

and 10 volunteers over at our warehouse sorting cans and bottles – it is because of this can & bottle fundraiser that we were able to purchase the food items to go inside the barrels!!


Volunteers Packing Barrels

It was also wonderful to have families come out for the first time to work together on the barrels! They were so focused and determined to try and get everything that was at their table into one barrel. They were so happy to be here and packed their joy with each item.

We know that our expert packer, Sis. Evelyn, will be so proud of these 2 young ladies as they tried their hardest to get ALL of the personal care items (from the Keeney Elementary School donation) into the barrel. They certainly PACKED it to the brim!

Volunteers Packing Barrels 02

Such a blessing it is to see the investment of compassion in the next generation. Autumn didn't want to leave when it was time to go cause she was enjoying herself so much. She said to her mom as they were leaving, “That was so much fun! Can we do it again?”

Volunteers Moving Items

We were so blessed to have the extra help with manpower. They worked hard to move the heavy barrels to the warehouse as they were being filled and make sure the fresh barrels were ready for each team to pack.

Volunteers Moving Items 02

And we want to spotlight the MVP of the night… Mr. Carter -- he was such a great help to the men – and truly felt like one of the guys! He was needed everywhere - he helped bring the cases of food to the different tables that needed more, he was the clothes bag runner – up and down the stairs all on his own.

Carter helped to seal the barrels and, along with the men, at the end of the night, he was everywhere helping to clean up! THANK YOU to all who came out!!

Volunteers Delivering Barrels

A great big thanks to the men who delivered the barrels to Boston on Thursday, & those who gave to cover the shipping costs - THE NEED HAS BEEN MET!!


Pretty soon the barrels will reach the docks in Haiti! Continue to pray for their safe delivery to MOHI – God’s hand of protection has been faithful for these shipments to this nation in turmoil, and have become a lifeline of hope to so many!


Peru Partnership Header

Jicamarca, Peru ~ As we have been sharing, Pastor Gustavo’s Ministry has started a branch church in the hill-side community of Jicamarca the location of their youth sports ministry. Some back history… the reason for forming the outreach as a Sports Ministry, was because the people didn’t want a church to come to their neighborhood.

Dirt Road in Peru

God gave Pastor Gustavo the wisdom on how to begin the influence of God’s word into this needy community. Such success has been achieved, where the lives of the young people are being transformed by these biblical teachings, God’s spirit, and the love being shown by His people.

Peru Parent Workshop

And this past week, Pastor Gustavo was SOOO excited to be hosting their first parent’s workshops helping to support the role of parents in raising their children – both through the natural and encouraging them in the spiritual.

Peru Church Service

They have been blessed by a property owner within the community, to rent space within a vacant building – and know that God is going to show-up in a mighty way as His Word brings life, liberty and joy to the people who are so spiritually hungry in this day!


Zambia Partnership

Blessings Lighthouse Open Community School, Misisi Compound, Zambia ~ We, the administration, and of course on behalf of the students, we want to convey our sincere gratitude for the shoes that you bought for our students as a gift to them.

Zambia Students with New Shoes

Indeed this has really made a very huge difference in their lives as the majority of them were struggling with school shoes due to vulnerability from their respective homes. Some students opted to wear shoes which a student cannot wear at school.

Zambia Students with New Shoes 02

Now that they have portable, durable and nice shoes as their student shoes, it means that they will look the same as how students should look. And this is exactly how they are looking currently.

Zambia Students with New Shoes 03

Some students would miss classes due to lack of shoes but now that challenge has been dealt with for once. From now going forward, we will have no child missing classes because they don’t have school shoes.

Zambia Students with New Shoes 04

This kind of stimulus increases the performance of the learners. The administration crew is so happy and the students are all excited, together with their parents, over the shoes they received.

Words cannot be enough to appreciate and thank you for this gesture. This will also enhance learning as all the students will be coming to school and also the shoes act as a positive reinforcement to the learners.

Once again thank you so very much for your support!

God bless you all, B.L.O.C. School Administration


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